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It’s been quite a few years since I used to actively write blogs. And that was in Finnish. I’ve been thinking about starting a tech blog for quite a while but now I’ve finally made the first step and installed WordPress. Here we go!

WordPress theme

Finding and choosing a ready theme I like is an impossible mission for me. So I made a developer’s choice and created my own theme based on Underscores starter theme. I’ve tried a lot of starter/developer themes when building WordPress sites for my customers and ended up with two of them:

  • Underscores, which is great for creating layout from the ground up, especially if you’re creating non-blog websites with a bit more complex themes than usual.
  • And Quark, which provides a bit more ready to go theme with banner and widget areas. It’s better for creating more traditionally laid out sites but is still easy to customize.

As you can see, I like blocks. WordPress development seems pretty fun, even for an experienced web developer as myself. Go try it out and create a theme that looks like you!

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